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+48 730 344 384 (PL / ENG)


Many of our guests’ needs require payment on the spot. Sometimes you need an express medical visit, buy expensive prescription drugs, or take a taxi to visit a sick child … That is why financial support is also very useful to us. In the case of more expensive equipment we need, it is easier for us to collect the necessary amount from several people than to find one that could pay for the purchase …

Therefore, if you want to provide us with such opportunities or you simply have no idea how to support us otherwise – you can make a donation to the Other Space Foundation for the Mother’s House.

What we are collecting money for at the moment, you can check below.

Where to make donations?

Our sub-account (PLN) at the Foundation has the number: 25 2130 0004 2001 0374 4232 0014  (Volkswagen Bank Direct)

If you want to make a transfer in a currency other than PLN, you can do it to the following numbers:
IBAN (USD): PL74105010121000009030826342
IBAN (EUR): PL21105010121000009030826326
(ING Bank)

You can also transfer money via Paypal.

Remember! If you make a transfer to accounts in currencies other than PLN or via PayPal, be sure to write “For Dom Matki (Warsaw)” in the title of the transfer.

What are we collecting money for at the moment?


    One of our children needs speech therapy in Ukrainian, it is a long therapy, which to be effective must take place once or twice a week. We’ve even managed to find a speech therapist from Ukraine who lives in Warsaw, but we have to pay her for it, because we have no social chance to find such a therapist … It is PLN 150 for one meet, so we have to pay about PLN 4,000 for 3 months of therapy (less than $ 1000, € 900, £ 750)


    Dental care for children and their mothers, because social care in Poland is of very poor quality and private is very, very expensive. It is about PLN 25,000 for all our children (less than $ 5900, € 5500, £ 4700)


    We also need to be able to order a home doctor. Our mothers often have at least three children, which makes it very difficult for them to go to the clinic with one patient. If a child is seriously ill or more children are ill, we need to be able to call a doctor (we did it yesterday when we started with smallpox in five children at the same time …), however, for such visits we have to pay about PLN 200-300  (about $ 70, € 65, £ 55,) for one, depending on the doctor’s specialization … We would like to be able to sign a contract with one doctor as a foundation and have a budget to pay for these visits when there is such a need … 


    We have to start conducting remedial classes for our children so that they can easily join Polish children in schools, because otherwise their education will be a fiction (how would they learn, for example, Polish history from the inside without knowing the origins and context?).  


    Due to the fact that our house is in a quiet and peaceful place, unfortunately public transport is not ideal, so we would also like to be able to provide our children with bikes so that they can easily go to schools or other activities.  


    Due to their experiences and how difficult it is for their mothers to be alone in Poland with several children, if we succeed, we would also like to send older children (over 6 years old) to summer camps – so that they rest before school and their mothers have a moment to breathe. This is about PLN 33,000 for a camp where we have guaranteed the care of an educator with Ukrainian. This is around $ 7700, € 7200, £ 6200.

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